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Constructed in 1907 and representing the sole surviving edifice of a substantial brewery complex, the original structure epitomised the Malthouse typology, having been a specialised building for the conversion of barley into malt, comprising a set of long floor plates with kiln facilities to one end.

Conversion to residential use required the introduction of additional light and ventilation, particularly in order to inhabit the expansive roof void. Enormous, yet sensitively scaled, patent glazed rooflights illuminate the upper ‘duplex’ format apartments which feature exposed original trusses and cast iron columns, maintaining the structural clarity which contributed considerably to the original internal identity.

Our philosophy intended to be minimally interventional, but where interventions were required, these are clearly expressed to continue the legibility of the building’s historical development, achieving an appropriate balance between respecting the original character of the building and celebrating its new lease of life in a clear but suitably deferential manner.